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Acoustic music in Lenexa Kansas

March 4th, 2016 – Matt & Shannon Heaton.

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After an impressively long hiatus, we’re once again hosting a house concert. We’ll have the Heatons on March 4th.

Matt & Shannon Heaton
Friday March 4th 7:30pm
Suggested donation: $20

Facebook event page here.

Long Time Courting May 3rd

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Just confirmed. Long Time Courting

Update: They’ve confirmed a booking for that date in Unity Temple on The Plaza, so they won’t be playing at our house.

Traditional Irish Music Concert @ Eddie Delahunt’s Cafe&

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Where: Eddie Delahunt’s Cafe& (4448 Bell Street, KCMO 64111)
When: 7pm on Friday, July 29th. 
Tickets: are available only at the door.
$12 – general public
$10 – Students and seniors
$0 – 14 and under

email: Eddie Edwards –
Eddie Delahunt –, (816) 753-3322

Jesse Langen, Tim Langen, and Helen Gubbins will be playing at Eddie Delahunt’s Cafe&amp this weekend.

Helen Gubbins is a musician and singer from County Limerick Ireland. A music graduate of University College Cork, she works part-time as college lecturer in music and also teaches high-school music through the Irish language. Her performances of Irish traditional music and song are in regular demand at home and abroad.

Tim Langen was inspired by his grandfather, Clarence Langen, to learn to play the fiddle. He started learning with the Suzuki method at age five and has been teaching since he was 16. He has played in Ireland, Boston, Chicago, St Louis, and Columbia Missouri, with such musicians as Tim Britton, Dennis Cahill, Liz Carroll, Marty Fahey, Jimmy Keane, Larry Nugent, and John Williams.

Jesse Langen teaches and performs Irish and classical music on guitar and other instruments. He also learned fiddle tunes from Clarence, but eventually chose to play guitar, which is also a main instrument of Tim and Jesse’s father, Bill. He can be heard playing regularly in Chicago and throughout the country

Paddy Keenan & John Walsh at Union Station, Friday Nov 12th

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Where: Irish Museum & Cultural Center, Union Station
When: 7:30, Friday Nov 12th
Tickets: are available only at the door:
$20 – general public
$15 – Irish Center members and Missouri Valley Folklife Society
$10 – members of KC’s Irish music community

email: Valerie Andruss –
tel: 816.931.1977.

Paddy Keenan, formerly of the Bothy Band, is generally acknowledged among most accomplished uilleann pipers performing today. He’ll be appearing with guitarist John Walsh 7:30 this Friday at the Irish Center (Union Station KCMO).

Paddy’s flowing, open-fingered style of playing can be traced directly from the style of such great Travelling pipers as Johnny Doran; both Paddy’s father and grandfather played in the same style. Although often compared to Doran, Paddy was 19 or 20 when he first heard a tape of Doran’s playing; his own style is a direct result of his father’s tutelage and influence.

“The sheer amount of sound culled from the pipes is breathtaking, as Keenan expertly weaves intricate layers of resonant tones and wildly quick and expressive notes… In physical appearance and style Keenan is like the Irish Dickie Betts, fingering intricate lines of notes without disregarding the passion and sentiment of the song…Perhaps most important is the honesty in the music, and Keenan rocked the house with unique Irish flair.”
—Daily Cavalier, Charlottesville, VA, 2006

This concert is supported by The Irish Center, The Missouri Valley Folklife Society, and Big Plain House Concerts. Join us on November 12! And please pass the word

Paddy O’Brien & Pat Egan, July 24th 2010

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A concert with Paddy O’Brien is a trip in a time machine, a journey through the personalities and tunes of Irish music in the 20th century. On this tour he’s partnered with his Chulrua bandmate, the superb guitarist and singe Pat Egan from County Tipperary.

Date: Saturday July 24th 2010
Time: 7:00 pm
Suggested Donation: $15.00
Reservations: 913-904-1285 or email concerts_AT_bigplain_DOT_com

Paddy O’Brien

Paddy O’Brien from Co. Offaly is not just one of the most famous Irish accordionists in the world but also a man who had developed so many abilities that one can hardly put into practice in a lifetime. He is also a recognized musician, collector, composer and even a poet.

Above all, Paddy is a little bit of a philosopher and a very outstanding figure. – Yuri Andreychuk

Pat Egan

Originally from County Tipperary, Pat now resides in Baltimore, Maryland. While growing up in his native County Tipperary, Patrick loved the music so much that he used to take his guitar on the back of a horse and cart to school every week to get lessons from his school teacher, Phil Kelly.

He would also trudge across fields and farmland with his guitar just to get a song from local singer John Norton. Luckily, there were lots of singers and guitarists in his home parish and one of the first musicians he ever heard playing traditional Irish music was his neighbor – uilleann piper Michael Cooney with whom, along with Paddy O’Brien, he would later go on to form the band Chulrua.

Photos and Audio from Mason Brown

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Photos to come.

Thanks to Michael Allen for recording and to Mason for letting us post the concert. If you’d like to download, the audio is hosted at

Mason Brown, Friday Mar 26th 2009

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Our friend Mason has played at several of our house concerts, but this is his first time solo. He ran off to college in Boulder last year but managed to get a few Spring Break days in Kansas City to play for us.

Mason Brown’s voice, guitar, banjo, and viola da gamba can be heard in the Kansas City area and elsewhere. His forthcoming solo album will be titled When Humans Walked the Earth. His previous album, Am I Born to Die, was a collaboration with Chipper Thompson. He has also worked with Mike Dugger, Turlach Boylan, Kelly Dougherty, Roger Landes, Connie Dover, Nathan Pellerin, Michael Fraser, Mark Dudrow, Ed Caner, Ben Wright, Charlene Adzima, and Jed Marum, and has instructed guitar and banjo at ZoukFest.

He recently (April 2007) performed with Glen Road in Dollywood. Pictures here. When not on the road, Mason performs (almost) every Saturday from 3 to 6 in the afternoon at O’Malley’s Pub (540 Welt St, Weston Missouri).

Sarah McQuaid March 7th 2010

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Sarah McQuaid

Date: Sunday Mar 7th 2010
Time: 7:00 pm
Suggested Donation: $15.00
Reservations: 913-904-1285 or email concerts_AT_bigplain_DOT_com

<a href="">Sprig Of Thyme by Sarah McQuaid</a>

Madrid-born Sarah McQuaid was raised in Chicago, studied philosophy in Strasbourg and spent many years in Ireland before pitching up in Penzance, Cornwall, in 2007. Drawing on the traditions of Ireland, America and the UK, her music is sublime and compelling, characterised by warm, velvety vocals and a distinctive acoustic guitar style.

Sarah McQuaid – In The Pines – Brussels, Feb 2008 from Sarah McQuaid on Vimeo.

Whereas her acclaimed debut album album When Two Lovers Meet was a feast of Irish music, 2008’s I Won’t Go Home ‘Til Morning is an enchanting celebration of old-time Appalachian folk, with Sarah’s arrangements punctuated by her own fine compositions and a cover of Bobbie Gentry’s classic Ode to Billie Joe. Sarah is also the author of a highly-regarded guitar tutor, The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book.

Crow Coyote Buffalo, an album of songs co-written by Sarah with fellow Penzance resident Zoe (author and performer of 1991 hit single Sunshine On A Rainy Day) under the band name Mama, has also been garnering rave reviews since its January 2009 release; one critic described the pair as “Two pagan goddesses channelling the ghost of Jim Morrison”.

Sarah’s third solo album, provisionally titled The Plum Tree And The Rose, focuses both on early music (including Elizabethan material as well as songs in Old French, Old Occitan, Italian, Middle High German and Latin) and on originals inspired by such topics as Bess of Hardwick and the garden created at Kenilworth by Robert Dudley for Elizabeth I. Its release is expected in late 2010 or early 2011.

Sparkling guitar and compelling alto voice … reminiscent of Pentangle’s best efforts … a gentle and magical recording that I will return to time and again. – Tom Druckenmiller, Sing Out!

Likely to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. – Aled Jones, BBC Radio 2

Her singing has shades of Baez minus the operatic warble and Gillian Welch without so much Nashville twang. – Spiral Earth

Beautifully spare … a melancholy but somehow celebratory collection. – The Irish Times

One of those rare things, a very lovely personal album but also an incredibly good introduction to Appalachian folk music. Highly recommended. – Americana UK

Quietly expressive and supremely affecting performances … Not a weak link anywhere in earshot … This is a truly lovely record. – NetRhythms

Truly spine-tingling … A touching album from a genuine artist. – Hot Press


Steve Howard July 4th 2009

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dsc01625.JPGSteve has been here before, spilling out of a pickup truck with a pack of dogs, a guitar and a hat. We’ve had him scheduled and rescheduled several times but something has always forced us to postpone. Finally we’re pretty sure he is coming back. He played the only outdoor show we’ve had, gently and efficiently drawing everyone into his wry affectionate songs, holding us spellbound as the night fell. We’ll describe his brand of music as country blues, but, if you ask him yourself, he might use a different set of words. Come listen.

Singer/songwriter and canvas artist Steve Howard has been performing his original music in bands, trios, duos in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas for some thirty odd years, and, for past three years, as a solo act in and around Taos, New Mexico. Steve’s unique acoustic sound evolved from many musical influences and might best be described as a popular rock influenced Americana with
a backdrop of C&W.

“I’m traveling Kansas now singing and performing my new CD ‘Last Call at Lascaux’……for any Kansans willing to take a chance on a singer they have surely never heard of, they should come on out and give it a listen….life and live music is a gamble!!”

John Steven Howard

“If you have ever wanted to hear a performer whose songs and lyrics come straight from the heart…listen to John Steven Howard”.
Stewart Herd – Taos New Mexico

“Howard’s haunting melodies, along with his soft touch acoustic guitar style, reveal the temperament of a poet. He also throws in some edgier tunes surrounding his wry social commentary”
Stan Herd – Lawrence Kansas


Susan Gibson on March 22nd

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There’s something about Texas that builds a unique brand of performer. It might be the weather, the frontier spirit, the huge melting pot spread over vast distance. Whatever the reason, there’s a wellspring of passionate, iconic songwriters. That’s Susan Gibson.

Susan Gibson is a troubadour in every regard. From being the CMA award winning writer of “Wide Open Spaces” that the Dixie Chicks launched to multi-platinum success to releasing her latest album “New Dog, Old Tricks” this past year, Gibson’s contribution to the songwriting world is a deep and important one. Gibson is the whole package, and her performances are empowering. She shows us the real dichotomy of a songwriter: what it means to get some pieces of our self back while still willing to keep giving other pieces away.

Date: Sunday Mar 22nd 2008
Time: 7:00 pm
Suggested Donation: $15.00
Reservations: 913-904-1285 or email concerts_AT_bigplain_DOT_com